Month: September 2023

Episode 99: Holocaust (1978), Part 01 with Dr. Craig Coenen

Join Steve and Jonathan in conversation with Dr. Craig Coenen about the 1978 NBC mini-series Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss. Where does the mini-series fall within the context of Americans’ understanding of the Jewish Holocaust? How was the mini-series received? How does the late-1970s network context of big, prestige mini-series play into its creation? All this and a lot more in Part 01 of this two-part podcast story.

Mining the Archive Mondays: Ep. 50: TV During WWII

This week join Andrew as he leads a discussion with Steve and Jonathan about how TV was used not before, not after, but during World War II. Contrary to popular belief the then new medium was at least thought about as another technology to be harnessed during the war effort. We also discuss how the rudimentary uses of TV in the immediate post-war era is surprisingly similar to how we use it today.