Episode 60: Colorization of TV

This week join Jonathan and Andrew as they discuss CBS’s recent efforts at colorizing and packaging classic episodes of I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Then the conversation takes a historical turn as Andrew and Jonathan discuss what role black and white plays in our understanding of history and what role, if any, “generations” play into it.

Wonderful Website: Television Obsurities: link

Interesting color film shot in 1951 during an I Love Lucy taping: link (The Wrap)

1 comment on Episode 60: Colorization of TV

  1. Why not colorise all films and tv shows? And with cgi they could also create lips synched to silent film actors too. In fact, Foreign films need no longer by Foreign. And Academy ratios could be re-tailored to wide screen. A full colourised Twilight Zone, cut the tops and bottoms too and we have a show ready for the future.

    Just kidding. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it went that way.

    Peter Jackson’s WW1 documentary worked wonders but that was using newsreel footage rather than messing about with popular art.

    The only shows worthy of colorisation are the BBC shows at were originally in color but now only exist in 16mm prints, such as the classic “Steptoe and Son”.

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