Episode 92: Sports Docs and Binge Watching with Dr. Emil Steiner

This week Jonathan sits down with Rowan’s Dr. Emil Steiner to discuss his research on binge watching and how it connects to sports documentaries. If you’ve already listened to our episode (Ep. 90) on sports documentaries and nostalgia with Dr. Branden Buehler, then this will be the perfect companion episode. If you haven’t, that’s ok too since this is an excellent standalone episode and conversation about sports documentaries, sports fandom, why we watch what we watch the way that we watch it 😉 and also a little insight into how biography influences scholarship.

You can check out Emil’s faculty page here. He is also the coordinator of Rowan University’s Sports Communication & Media program. You can also check out his article on binge-watching from the journal Convergence here.

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